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Red tried True Love’s kiss anyway. Rumpelstiltskin wanted to pull her away, for some reason, a harsh desire to turn her and protect her. Too many lives had been spent, too many loves had been lost. The cricket and the wolf had been unsuspecting, their differences varied to the point of a painful fall out, but he had thought they’d deserved their happiness once they’d discovered it between shy glances and affectionate murmurs of “love bug” and other silly nonsense.

And now with this girl streaked in someone else’s blood, whispering her mouth over the dead man’s, Rumpelstiltskin held his breath and hoped he was wrong about it all.

It didn’t work.

The Dark One waited patiently, not for his own benefit, but for the girl’s (and the cricket’s) dignity, as well. By the time he approached, she had tearfully closed his eyes, her fingers covering her lips to keep her crying at bay. The Dark One swallowed thickly, resting a hand on the wolf’s shoulder.

Dragon Tamer - Chapter 05 [x]

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