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Title: an unplanned adventure
Summary: Gold was not expecting any visitors.  [part of Map It Out and an episode tag for ‘The Cricket Game.]

A/N: I’ve been working on this for freaking ages, you have no idea. I have gotten so frustrated with myself over this fic and as such it’s probably an entire mess because I didn’t read over it thoroughly for fear that I’d just toss it away instead of posting it. This is a Valentine’s Day gift to the wonderful Accio who inspired this with an ask awhile back when she mentioned Map It Out Belle staying the night with Gold. This is also for Marchie because she’s been horribly enduring all of my whining and ranting over this fic and a thousand and one other things and I could never write half as well as I do without her.

Gold wasn’t expecting any visitors for the night, but nevertheless his doorbell rang at a quarter til midnight. It was unexpected, of course, yet entirely unsurprising. He imagined it was probably Regina, more than ready to accuse him of something, or perhaps the newly returned sheriff with more problems to be solved.

The surprising bit was when he opened his front door, a quip on the tip of his tongue, to find none other than Prince Charming standing on his porch with his arms weighed down.

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