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Starring: Nathan Fillion & Sasha Alexander | (asked by starling310)
→ Song: ‘Closer To Love’ by Mat Kearney

Synopsis:Kaitlyn (Alexander) has been a doctor for years, but it is starting to wear on her since her divorce almost a year ago. The fun has seemingly gone out of her life and she needs a change. Enter Alex (Fillion) who is a freelance journalist. He has traveled all over the world and seen many things but none of them has yet convinced him to settle down or believe in more than one night stands. They meet by chance while he is on assignment in Boston and from there everything spirals out of control. They go on a journey to recover the lost pieces of themselves as Kaitlyn starts to show him that there is more than to life than one night while he makes her believe there is a world beyond her hometown. 

posted 3 years ago @ 17 Jun 2011
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